About Us

Meraki Communications was established in Fareham, Hampshire and has grown to become one of
the leading telecommunications systems suppliers in the UK.

Our aim is to be the best in the business, to stand out from the crowd and provide exceptional
service to our customers across the UK.

At Meraki it’s the way that we do things that makes us different. Our values are reflected in
everything we do, with a completely independent and long term approach to business relationships.

The successful partnership we have with our customers is driven by independent consultation,
effective questioning and most importantly listening to and understanding their business objectives.
When it comes to solutions, we don’t do ‘off the shelf’. Meraki customers enjoy all the efficiency and
cost savings of a solution tailored to them.

We’re proud of our exceptional customer service which has been noticed in the multiple awards won
over the years. Our focus on looking after our customers is totally unsurpassed in the business
comms industry. Meraki customers speak directly to a dedicated account manager, not a machine.
No message taking, just direct access to the person you need. No queuing system, just people who
are ready and able to support. We’re proud to be different and proud of the difference we make.

Our Approach

Meraki Communications Limited has combined experience of 20 years within the Telecoms Industry
and have a clear understanding of the Customer Journey to ensure success.

Meraki Communications will operate in strategic partnership with Partners, Customers and its
Employees across the business to deliver operational excellence. We will provide practical and
professional tools and advice to meet Customers’ needs striving to attract and retain not only the
best talent but to achieve a 100% satisfied customer base.

We will model the values and behaviours required to actively promote a culture of empowerment
and putting the customer at the full front of everything we do. We will nurture the highest of
standards of leadership to sustain a motivated and engaged work force, delivering an inclusive high
performance and customer focused culture that continuously grows and develops.

Meraki Communications has established long lasting relationships within the Telecoms Industry and
its key partners in order to provide their customers with the very best service and products at highly
subsidized rates.

Meraki – ‘to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in to work.’