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Stay open for business with our multi award-winning VoIP phone system that delivers reliable,
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maintain business continuity.

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With our remote working solution, your team can easily communicate and collaborate over projects
instantly, with all the efficiency and presence of being in the office. Our smart, cloud-based voice,
video and messaging tools can help your team to serve clients anytime and anywhere.

All-In-One Collaboration Solution

Discover the first web-based remote working solution dedicated to businesses who want to increase their productivity with a 100% secure VoIP cloud system. We offer a complete communications platform that you can use from any web browser to chat, call, videoconference, share screen & files with your colleagues and customers.

Multiple Devices, Seamless Communications

Our fully integrated service can be used with a desk phone, a softphone on your computer, laptop or mobile app on your smartphone or smartwatch, which reduces unnecessary upfront costs and hardware changes. You can also sync contacts between multiple devices to ensure users can always schedule calls and share information with full transparency.

Multi award-winning service for remote working

We provide all the features that your employees need to work from home and ensure that your clients are not impacted by remote working. We help you stay connected to keep your business moving, with 24/7/365 UK-based support and personalised account management. We can also help you with the onsite install and staff training.

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  • Audio & Video calls
  • Chat
  • Videoconferencing
  • Memo messages
  • File sharing
  • Fax & SMS to one or more users
  • Access to corporate phonebooks
  • Screen sharing & file transfer
  • Collaboration with external users
  • Easy to adopt and scale
  • No software install required
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  • Calls via VoIP or GSM
  • Video calls to all users
  • Mobility callback service
  • Chat
  • Post-It
  • Chat & call history
  • File sharing
  • Users presence information
  • Sync with Microsoft Exchange
  • Apple Watch notifications
  • iOS & Android ready
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  • Video conference from anywhere
  • High-quality video & audio
  • Chat
  • File sharing
  • Plug & Play experience
  • No additional hardware needed
  • WebRTC technology
  • Maximum security guaranteed
  • Internal & external participants
  • 99.999% uptime reliability
  • Hardware devices available

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