Calls and Lines

Great service

At Meraki Communications, we’re proud to be a Tier 1 BT Openreach Provider. That means we can
offer the most reliable phone lines possible, with no compromise on quality – wherever the end user
calls from. In addition, all lines are managed by our dedicated in-house customer care team in the

We’re passionate about providing great service, and not just at the point of sale. We provide
ongoing advice and support on every aspect of your telephony package, from installation to billing to


We care about making sure your business landline is fairly priced. That’s why regardless of where
you’re calling, we always offer low-cost line rental with no minimum call charges. All your bills are
fully itemised, so that you can see exactly what you’re paying for. Not only that, but we can also
offer per second billing, which means you don’t pay anything extra unnecessarily.


We’re proud to provide fully carbon-neutral minutes on all business line packages. We do this by
using IP-based soft-switching in the core network – this uses far less power than traditional
hardware infrastructure. We also have a policy of e-billing, further reducing the environmental
impact of telephony through us.


In response to a rise in highly damaging dial-through fraud, we’ve added fraud monitoring to the
entire Meraki Communications. This fast-growing crime involves hacking your PBX to run expensive
international calls through your system.

It can cost businesses tens of thousands before they find out. And since the attacks tend to originate
overseas, it can be extremely hard to prosecute offenders or recover costs. This under-reported
form of fraud is growing as international organised crime becomes more sophisticated. For us,
protecting our customers from it is simply essential.

The complete package

There’s a great advantage to working with Meraki Communications – and we’re not even talking
about our great deals, expertise and comprehensive service! What makes us unique is our specialism
in every aspect of business communications.

Perhaps you’re looking to get more out of your comms setup in general, to accompany your new
calling package? If so, we can advise on your options – whether it’s hardware, unified
communications platforms, collaboration tools, or any other business communications solution.