AI & Telecoms

The Digital world is moving faster then ever, with technology constantly evolving,
having an impact on all industries across the world. Wondering how this will impact
you and your business? Well, effective communications are now essential for
running a successful business, making business telephony a fundamental pillar to
any organisation.

Welcome AI. Artificial intelligence has entered the corporate world, and now more
then ever this is something that is revolutionising the way in which we connect with
customers, partners, and employees.

So, Let’s Understand it.

Over the years, business telephony has witnessed remarkable advancements,
evolving from traditional landline systems to more sophisticated and versatile
solutions. Today, modern business telephony encompasses a range of features and
technologies that facilitate seamless connectivity and collaboration. These may
include voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) systems, virtual phone numbers, call
forwarding, interactive voice response (IVR), conference calling, and more.
The benefits of adopting modern business telephony are numerous. Firstly, it
empowers businesses to establish a professional image by providing a reliable and
efficient means of communication. Whether it’s answering customer inquiries,
coordinating with remote teams, or conducting sales calls, a robust telephony system
ensures that communication is clear, uninterrupted, and responsive.
Additionally, modern telephony solutions offer scalability, allowing you to adapt your
communication infrastructure as you grow. Cloud-based telephony systems, for
example, provide flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and easy scalability compared to
traditional on-premises solutions.

Moreover, features like call analytics, call recording, and call routing enable you to
gather valuable insights, improve customer service, and enhance productivity. With
the ability to track call metrics, you can identify patterns, optimise workflows, and
make data-driven decisions to drive your success.

Where does AI come in?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines
that are programmed to think, learn, and act like humans. The way in which AI
works, has meant that it has grown popular in recent years due to its potential to
transform various industries, including business telephony.
At its core, AI is based on algorithms that can process vast amounts of data, learn
from it, and make decisions based on patterns and insights. With AI, you can
automate repetitive tasks, improve customer interactions, and boost operational

Within Business Telephony, Chatbots is one of the most notable applications of AI
along with voice recognition.

Chatbots have become a vastly common tool across businesses to assist with
communications, where using AI-powered software you can simulate human-like
conversations via voice and text. Whereas with voice recognition, the focus is on
customer experience, allowing organisations to tailor and adapt their responses and
recommendations to individual client preferences, providing a more personal and
engaging experience. But it doesn’t stop there. AI can be used for many things
including analytics, automation, routing, and analysis.

The future with AI

Future proofing your business is at the top of many entrepreneurs’ priorities. AI is
continuing to develop, meaning that the impact it has on businesses and the way it
can be utilised continues to grow, and the businesses already broadening their
horizons are the ones gaining the edge on their competitors who aren’t yet evolving
with the times.

Here at Meraki, improving the success of your business is pinnacle. Our goal is to
make sure we work with you individually to understand your business and goals,
allowing us to tailor a business telephony package that aligns with your journey. We
are here to help you understand how to utilise the latest technology within your
business and take that step towards the future.
Are you going to be leading the way ahead of your competitors?

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