Everything businesses need to know about SOGEA

What is SOGEA broadband?

SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, a bit of a mouthful, we know! This type of connection uses your existing copper phone line to connect to the network, but instead of using it for voice calls, it uses it for data.

SOGEA is an interim solution for areas that can’t access a fibre connection. It’s much cheaper and quicker to install than FTTC since it does not require any new infrastructure giving it a higher advantage. SOGEA is also quick to fix due to only having one single order line and no phone line which also means it has great service as there will be less traffic on the line.

With other areas worldwide already having similar solutions in place, every Partner should have SOGEA in their portfolio so that they can offer a solution where fibre is not available.

What’s the difference between SOGEA and FTTC?

Fibe to the cabinet (FTTC) is the most common type of broadband connection used. It uses a blend of fibre and copper cables to deliver broadband into the premises via existing copper telephone wires.

The main difference is in the infrastructure as currently, an FTTC connection has a phone line and then fibre broadband connected over the top of it.

BT Openreach has launched SOGEA, meaning no copper phone line is needed. SOGEA broadband just needs to be ordered and there is no line rental to worry about.

What’s the difference between SOGEA And FTTP?

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is a complete fibre connection that comes from the exchange and runs to the premises, whether that is residential or business.

It is not currently available in as many locations as SOGEA, but the distribution of pure fibre connectivity is ongoing.

FTTP does however have un-rivalled speeds and if more power is needed then FTTP would be the better choice if it is available in the area.

Both are very easy to install, cost-effective, and easy to fix. FTTP is the ideal solution for businesses that depend heavily on their connection, including making VOIP calls.

Do businesses need to switch to SOGEA?

Openreach is shutting down the ISDN and PSTN Network in 2025, so any business and households still using this connection would need to switch to SOGEA where fibre isn’t available.

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